Are these prepped shoots?

Nope. Certainly not in the Dress Up page. The whimsy that she brings to her play and dress are for the most part caught in the moment. However, the play dates, snacks, and my room pages have more thought put into their documentation. Usage: All images credited to Ron Hamad and/or Alisa Donner are exclusively owned by said parties and cannot be used for separate interest or profit without prior consent. That being said, sharing of posts and links in an effort to promote the information and mission of this blog site is acceptable with links back to this site and/or appropriate crediting. Please contact us for more information.

Who is the photographer?

Roma’s adoring father and my loving husband is the official P&C photographer for this blog site, Ron Hamad, As well as the DP/Director for any video posted (unless otherwise credited). I also shoot many images from my iphone.